Malmberg Group: Connecting Companies and Qualified Investors

Case Studies

Carrier Capital

Carrier Capital started investing their own money but wanted to open up to outside investors.

Here is what Klaus Springer, President, has to say about working with us:

"Roy and the team offer a tremendous service. If you are starting out as a first time fund you are going to have a hard time finding the right people to target, contact and get onboard as investor partners.

They have an outstanding system, not only did it help us put the technology in place that allowed us to build a database of investors, automate outreach and catalogue investors based on their interest. Interconnecting different platforms allowed us to keep track of all conversations, filter investors and make sure we reach out to the right people.

But on top of that he offered legal documents as the basis, sure you still need a lawyer to get it right and adapt it to your needs, but Roy provide an excellent basis to build your own company.

I almost like to guarantee you will have the success you envision and reach your fund raising goal."


Mark Yeo, Co-Founder of ExplorR, have used the investment platform 6 months. It allowed him to scale his investment efforts.

The problem he experienced with traditional fundraising was that he had to spend so much time away from the daily operations.

Only to all too often realise alot of the effort never came to fruition. Basically wasting time he could have built his business.

Mark built a large pipeline of investors but also managed to find an bring in a board of advisors while also establishing other business connections.

Mark says "It gave me the scale and leverage to handle the fund raising and a new light on how to operate the business".

He thouroughly recommends the platform.

Design Build Detroit

Michael Rivait, Principal at Design Build Detroit, had worked with friends, family and other HNWIs to fund deals.

With his goal to reach 1000 multi family units they needed new sources of capital.

Michael worked with Malmberg Group to streamline the access to qualified investor leads and he can highly recommend the service.

Novo Living Properties LLC

Jeffrey Fleischer at Novo Senior Living Properties LLC ran out of friends and family for qualified investors.

He focus on development and acquisition of senior living and wanted to find a tool to expand beyond his current network in order to engage with people he had not met before.

He found the ability to adjust the pace and accelerate the number of new connections and meetings based on his current workload invaluable.

He was very impressed by the size of the database and pleased to be able to efficiently capture investors attention and gauge their interest.

Jeffrey highly recommend those interested in increasing their exposure and finding investors to work with Malmberg Group.

Waymaker Venture Capital

Sanville Moses at Waymaker Venture Capital in South Africa joined our accelerator in February 2019. They focus on helping entrepreneurs build profitable businesses through their wide network of funders and investors.

Sanville was sceptical at first but after speaking to some clients of ours he felt confident that our approach could deliver. So he made the decision to join and went all in. As a result, after two months of working with us, Sanville had raised $2.05 million USD for one company and secured an additional $3.9 million USD for another company.

Initially Sanville was also worried that he had to get on a plane and travel to centers, such as Silicon Valley, however the process proved that it wasn’t necessary. Working with Malmberg Group changed a lot and enable Sanville to go global and at the same time connect with more local South African investors he previously didn’t know.

Here is what Sanville has to say about working with Malmberg Group:

"Working with Malmberg Group changed a lot and enabled us to go global while at the same time connect with more local investors we didn't know."

Sanville Moses, COO, Waymaker Venture Capital

Daas Analytics & Third Round Analytics Capital

Joseph Aaron, running a VC Fund of Funds, approached us to raise capital for a fund.

We connected Joseph with Foundations, Endowments, HNWIs and Family Offices. The first couple of weeks Joseph was surprised by the level of activity and relevant connections. After landing 10-15 meetings the first month he quickly gathered invaluable insight from his conversations with investors. This led Joseph to bring in an additional partner in the firm, adjust his marketing and positioning.

The feedback and Joseph’s instinct to improve turned out to be invaluable. After 4-5 months and some negotiations Joseph found a lead investor willing to commit around $30 million and decided to postpone further fundraising.

Here is what Joseph has to say:

"I have been working with Roy for four months now. Dollar for dollar, this has been the highest return on my marketing investment by far. It is rare that someone underpromises and over delivers but Roy does just that."

Joseph Aaron, Founder, DaaS Analytics & Third Round Analytics Capital


Judith and Jim at Quinlan MacKay, in the United States, joined the investment accelerator in November 2018. They work with developers and connect investors to off market real-estate opportunities.

Before joining they had many investment projects but lacked a large enough quality database and network of accredited investors. They were still building their network, via cold calls and referrals, which was taking much longer than they wanted. The previous 6 months before joining they had tried everything from Adwords, hired dialers and bought qualified leads. It was far too time consuming, too slow and far from efficient.

They wanted to find a system and process that was simple, repeatable and importantly, scaleable. The biggest concern they had before joining was wasting more time.

However, four months after taking the step and engaging Malmberg Group to target and build their network of accredited investors, they had grown their network by more than 5x and were consistently averaging four quality appointments per week with investors.

"Roy and his team truly simplified our marketing message. It even helped us understand and communicate what we do more effectively."

Jim MacKay, Co-Founder, QuinlanMacKay

They had thought they would work with a few developers while they kept building their pool of investors in the coming years. Instead they had now been able to build their database in a few months.

Quinlan MacKay now have the opposite challenge, needing to find more quality investment opportunities to offer their investors.

"This has allowed us to grow our network far more rapidly than we ever expected. I believe we would have never been able to achieve this so fast had we not engaged Malmberg Group."

Judith Quinlan, Co-Founder, QuinlanMacKay

Here is what Jim and Judith has to say about working with Malmberg Group:

"We were initially hesitant after trying so many other approaches, but thought we’d give it a try. It turned out to be one of the best decisions we have made. The growth and success we have achieved by working with the Malmberg Group has by far exceeded our expectations. We cannot recommend them enough."

World Food Bank

The World Food Bank is an asset-backed investment vehicle operating much like a bank with extended shelf-life foods as their core asset.

Their mission is to revolutionize the world’s agricultural systems through an innovative investment platform that empowers stakeholders and creates efficiencies in food production and finance. By making farmers more bankable and guaranteeing a better price they have the potential to lift millions out of poverty.

By leveraging a standardized trading market of extended shelf life food they will profit from food arbitrage while bringing stability to markets.

The World Food Bank needed $10 million USD to fund their management company and finance equipment for new contracts in Africa.

Richard Lackey, Chairman & Founder at the World Food Bank have spent years involved in disaster relief as well as managing hedge funds. He was also appointed by President Donald J. Trump to the US Board for International Food and Agricultural Development.

Malmberg Group helped by connecting the World Food Bank with family offices, high net worth individuals, foundations, funds and other qualified investors with an interest in social impact and agriculture.

The World Food Bank had connections among investors internationally but wanted to continue to build on top of that and speed up their capital raising process with a proven system to get appointments with the right investors. Here is what Richard Lackey has to say about working with Malmberg Group:

"Our goal has been to connect with impact investors who seek market rate returns, which is still an emerging market by large degree. Roy has done a wonderful job of identifying those groups and adjusting his approach as he found more efficient or effective ways to connect. We appreciate not only his work, but his professional approach."

Richard Lackey, Chairman & Founder, World Food Bank

AI8 Ventures

AI8 Ventures, based in Silicon Valley, invest and partner with Fintech, Healthtech and Talent Tech companies leveraged by AI and the Blockchain. Dion Deloof and Carlos Ochoa, General Partners, had achieved a 2.5x ROI from their first fund of $1M based on valuations and positioned themselves for follow-on investments in series A and B.

AI8 Ventures aimed to raise fund II with a target size of $60M.

They looked for anchor investors, institutional investor and smart money who could support them and the portfolio companies.

AI8 Ventures were too early in the process to consider working with a traditional placement agent. But they needed to go beyond their existing network and establish connections globally.

Malmberg Group helped by connecting them and scheduling appointments with interested family offices, HNWI, wealth managers and other qualified investors.

"We saved a lot of time by working with Malmberg Group, they empowered us in the fundraising process by getting us appointments with investors that were interested in our fund and on top of that helped us build out our platform, relationships and set us up for additional success in the future. We had 50+ meetings during the first 3 months we worked together. What was also great about working with Malmberg Group was that they were flexible and willing to adjust and improve as we went along. One example was that we wanted to qualify additionally and aim for fewer and more qualified appointments. They were quick to adjust and improve."

Dion Deloof, General Partner, AI8 Ventures

Music Royalties Inc.

Music Royalties Inc. is generating outsized investment returns from the explosive growth in music streaming through the acquisition of music royalties and song catalogues.

They aim to unlock this hidden value by taking the music royalties portfolio public and distributing the cash flow while capitalizing on mispriced royalty valuations in a high growth industry. The music streaming industry (Spotify, iTunes) is currently growing at 50% per year.

They are making music royalties, a unique asset class, available to the public so that fans can 'own' their favourite songs, artists and a piece of Rock 'N Roll history. Ongoing acquisitions will maximise returns through increasing size, liquidity and diversification by global geography, language, music genre(Hip Hop, Pop, Country, EDM) and age with songs from the last 7 decades.

Truly a win-win as they also help artists not wanting to sell their life's work to large record labels to raise money.

Music Royalties Inc. are currently fundraising to build the portfolio before going public, so are reaching out to Family Offices, HNWIs and Music investors.

The goal is to raise $50 million USD in equity or debt funding.

The main motivations for engaging Malmberg Group include lack of time, seeking out more efficient ways to engage with investors on a global basis and Swedish connections.

Here is what Tim Gallagher, Chairman & CEO at Music Royalties Inc., has to say about working with Malmberg Group:

"We are very pleased with the marketing efforts in the first 2 months of working with the Malmberg Group. They have tripled the size of our LinkedIn connections, which is an important proxy for potential future public investors in our unique investment idea. Since the financial impact of the growth in music streaming is not well-known, there is an inherent learning curve to the pitch but we have been introduced to several important connections in both the investor and music industry worlds."

Tim Gallagher, Chairman & CEO at Music Royalties Inc.

Procap Group

Procap Group, a holding company based in Ghana with investments in Fund Management, Agriculture and Oil & Gas, worked with Malmberg Group in their capital raise to invest in an agricultural company which sell cereals to brewery companies. They support thousands of local farmers to produce cereals, and sell what is produced to brewery companies and other industries.

Procap Group seeked investors who wanted to join them on their mission to revolutionize the agriculture sector, impact the life of local farmers while making a good return on their investment.

Malmberg Group advised and helped connect Procap Group with investors with a focus on investments into agriculture in Africa.

They wanted to raise less expensive capital than what was available in Africa and lacked the network to do so. Being able to keep personal relationships and leverage those into the future appealed to Procap Group.

Here is what Edmond Kombat has to say about working with Malmberg Group:

"Working with Malmberg Group was exhilarating and results driven. I was surprised by the number of leads generated within the very short period of our engagement."

Edmond Kombat, Founder & Group CEO, Procap Group

Cratus Real Estate

Cratus Real Estate is a multi-award winning investment firm focused on the development, acquisition and management of luxury villas and hotels across Greece. Malmberg Group advised and helped connect Cratus Real Estate with qualified investors internationally.

Nicolas Zachariou, also active with startups at Angel Capital Ventures, wanted to reach family offices and qualified investors interested in safe real estate backed investments with high returns in Greece. He also considered working with us to help fund incubated startups.

One of the main motivation for Nicolas to work with Malmberg Group was to add structure to their capital raising process. He had a good track record and success with meetings but no structured and predictable process in place to bring in investors.

Here is what Nicolas Zachariou has to say to say about working with Malmberg Group:

"We had good results in terms of leads with potential investors and the process was very organized and efficient. The most significant aspect of the marketing effort was the fact that it was highly targeted as well as flexible. We were able to adjust the message and target group based on data gathered almost on a weekly basis."

Nicolas Zachariou, Co-Founder, Cratus Real Estate


Ben Bobo has more than 25 years of medical device experience over six startups. He co-founded InnerSpace Neuro, raising $10 million in Series A financing. Ben, now also Founder & CEO at Cerenetex in California, joined the investment accelerator in January 2019. They have discovered a patentable technology solution for the detection and screening of migraines and are developing the world’s first noninvasive objective migraine diagnostic device.

Ben needed to look beyond friends and family to raise capital. He wanted to find accredited investors interested in biotech, medical devices or technology for their seed round.

At the time of joining they were also considering using crowdfunding to raise the initial capital, however they found that the accelerator would offer an alternative to reach the right investors at a fraction of the price.

After joining he discovered that one of the best things about the accelerator was the detailed and structured program, the innovative approach to reaching target investors and the fully developed plan to execute the search and follow up with each potential investor.

Here is what Ben has to say about working with Malmberg Group Ltd:

"Malmberg has really connected me to the right investor targets. I have a number of conversations in the pipeline and have been connected to investors that I otherwise could have never met. I believe your platform will be the future of raising capital and connecting ideas to the "right" investors. When it comes to raising money, it really is a numbers game and if you want to expand the universe of target investors and increase the odds of raising funds, then Malmberg Group, at a fraction of the price, will connect you to investors looking for investment opportunities."

Ben Bobo, Founder & CEO, Cerenetex