Malmberg Group: Connecting Companies and Qualified Investors


Malmberg Group

Malmberg Group Ltd is a consulting firm based in London. We connect companies and qualified investors.

For the last several years we have been connecting companies and qualified investors internationally. Such as family offices, high net worth individuals, angel investors, venture capital and private equity funds, institutional and other qualified investors.

We have built a large database of more than 100’000 investors internationally and mapped out their investment focus. We also developed systems and processes to get meetings and raise capital from investors. I, Roy Malmberg, understood very early on that we could have a huge impact worldwide helping good quality companies get access to capital.

We have been training and advising on how the entire capital raising process works and help people really streamline the capital raising process as they build impactful companies. We have assisted more than 100 companies internationally in capital raises ranging from $20’000 USD to $500 million USD.

We work with any of the below:

Startups - You are just getting started and are looking for a small initial funding for your business plan to get started
First timers - It’s your first time raising capital
Established businesses - You already have a business and want to raise additional capital
Funds - You are operating a small investment fund or if you are raising hundreds of million for an established fund
Brokers - You are in the business of helping others raise capital
Accredited investors - You are looking for dealflow